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We will provide you with a FREE renters license for BC!

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of boat rentals, let’s talk about the most important questions you should be asking right now :


And why would I want to rent a high-performance ski boat anyways?

Buckle your seatbelt, cuz it’s time to get you excited about your rental reservation!!!

Q’s and A’s

1. Why is it more expensive to rent this boat type than the other options in Vernon?

This is because as with most things in life, you get what you pay for. Click here to learn exactly what the difference is.

Why would I choose to rent a tournament ski boat over a regular run-about?

Well that’s easy! These boats are designed around stability and high-performance handling on the water, AND they are ridiculously easy to drive!! Lot’s of seating and space for up to 11 people depending on the boat you choose. Water-level swim-grid makes getting your gear on and off, super easy…plus, getting back on-board is a breeze! Also, these boats boast 325 horses, and they love to PULL! CHECK OUT THIS VIRTUAL TEST DRIVE!! Or check out THIS LINK to see what they had say when this boat first came out!!

What should we bring with us on our boat rental in Vernon?

You want your rental to rock, right? Okay, so here are some idea’s of things you should never go out without. Water, you will need lot’s of water! Pack a cooler with some yummy food too. You will need hat’s and sun-shirts and SUNSCREEN on the really hot days. Bring an iPod (or similar) for music…it adds a lot to your boat rental. Also, DO NOT FORGET YOUR CAMERA!!! (Post your best photo of family enjoying your rental boat in Vernon, and you could WIN your rental next year!!)

My boat rental comes with FREE TOYS? What’s included??

We are going to throw in life-jackets for everyone onboard before you leave the dock. We will also give you ski vests for the people that are going to participate. We will get sizing before your rental. Glenn is also going to ask you what sports you would like to take along with you. We have surf boards, wake boards, skis, knee boards, tubes….we have it all. Just remember, the more you take, the less room you will have, just keep that in mind.

What’s included in my rental price?

Well, first off, the feeling of exhilaration that you will feel when you lay eyes on these gorgeous boats, is INCLUDED! Also, when your kids start squealing and jumping around about what an awesome day this is going to be….just enjoy it, it’s also…INCLUDED!!! The toys are FREE, the Bimini (shade cover) is free, the delivery is FREE to Paddlewheel Park. The only thing you pay on-top of your rental, is the fuel and the taxes. You can expect to burn between $70-120 per day in fuel, of course that depends on you. Skiing burns more fuel than wake boarding and sight-seeing and so-on. Also, as part of our “HASSLE-FREE GUARANTEE” Glenn will re-fuel your boat for you after your rental so that A. you pay land rates at approx. $.40/per litre cheaper, and B. you don’t spend one minute of your day wasted in-line waiting for gas!

How can I speed up the process on the dock?

First of all, PRE-FILL OUT YOUR PAPER WORK!! When you make your reservation, Glenn will direct you to the on-line documents page, where you can download, print and fill-out all the documents needed before you can head-out. This saves time doing it on the dock. You should also watch this ORIENTATION VIDEO and get a good grasp of what’s ahead for you when you arrive. (coming soon)

Glenn will give you the password once your booking has been confirmed.

What if we show-up late on our pick-up or drop-off?

Well, lets put it this way. Stuff happens right? BUT, you need to keep this in mind. If you are late to pick-up your boat, you WILL lose time off your rental! We have 4-5 boats to get out each morning, and it only works if parties show up on-time. PLAY IT SAFE AND BE EARLY!!! If you decide you would like to keep the boat longer, you MUST call at least hour in advance for the same reason. Though it’s not AS imperative for scheduling, it will affect the timing of the pick-ups and detailing staff. There is a late fee of $50 per 15 minute time segment, PLAY IT SAFE, and make sure you are back on-time! Weather note: there are exceptions made for weather, and Glenn will advise you on the appropriate action in this case.

Can the Pontoon boat pull a tube or skis??

No way! We have boats that are designed to pull…and they LOVE it! However, the pontoon boat is problematic for this. You cannot physically see the tube from the cockpit of the pontoon, also, they create almost no wake, and they don’t turn very sharply. These boats are NOT designed for watersports; they are designed for luxury while floating down our gorgeous lakes!

I don’t have a boat license for BC!! DO I need one?

NOPE! When you rent a boat with Vernon Watersports, Glenn can provide all drivers with a temporary license while you are out on your rental. This option is great because it includes a 30 minute, very in-depth, on-water orientation, on the actual boat you will be renting! Makes sense right?? You will feel completely confident and comfortable before we set you free. Watch this video for an example of what our Orientation looks like. You can also have a look at the Transport Canada Boat Safety Checklist here.

Can we get boat-fuel on the lake?

Well, you can, but it’s REALLY expensive! If you are low on fuel during your rental, then, by all means, grab some fuel! The alternative IS NOT GOOD! But, as part of our service to you, and our NO-HASSLE GUARANTEE, we will fuel your boat after your rental, on-land for about $.40 cents PER LITRE less than on the lake.

Can I smoke on the boat?

Nope, it’s a really bad idea! It is VERY expensive to repair boat upholstery or carpet, and damage happens so quickly! If you absolutely MUST smoke, please grab a spot on the dock or beach. FYI, you will forfeit your ENTIRE DAMAGE DEPOSIT for ANY smoking related damage, period.

Where should we park when we arrive at Paddlewheel Park?

You MUST park on the far side of the tennis courts! Be sure to purchase a ticket, and see this article so you don’t get a ticket!

Can we put the pontoon on the beach?

This is a bad idea, and we do not allow our boats (any of them) on the beach. There is way too much risk to our boats when guests come in close to shore. The pontoon does have an anchor on-board so that you can lift the motor, and get in waist deep water, and walk in to the beach. See this video for the SAFE WAY to go to the beach in our pontoon boat.

Can we drink alcohol on the boat?

WATER ON THE WATER, BEER ON THE PIER is the safest thing to remember. Keep this in mind when you are packing your cooler. YOU WILL BE CHECKED BY THE RCMP when you are out. The same rules apply on the water as with on the road. You are going to sign our contract that states that the driver will not consume any alcohol, but, once you are on your own, you are the captain! Read what Transport Canada has to say about this.

Can we rent a boat for multiple days?

That’s when it gets really fun! Having a beautiful ski-boat waiting for you at first light is THE CATS MEOW! Once Glenn confirms safe and suitable over-night storage, we can go ahead and make you a multi-day booking. We have used MANY rental properties over the years, and know most of them right over the phone. You will have no questions after your orientation either. Glenn will set you up with the dock lines, and fenders, and you will even get a docking lesson from Glenn so you look like a PRO!! Just a note to add: Our boats MUST be tied up safe and sound on the dock before dusk! Our boats are NOT permitted out after dusk.

Do we rent SUP boards, Jet-Skis, or Kayaks?

NOT A CHANCE! We specialize in High-Performance, Prestigious, top-of-the-line SKI boats. We want to provide insanely great customer service, and to do that, our boats need to KICK-ASS, and our service needs to be stream-lined! We don’t want to diversify too much, we have friends who rent that stuff, and they are great at what they do, so we will let them do it.

What about the storms I’ve heard about??

OH YEAH! We get some doozies on Okanagan Lake! And sometimes they come up VERY quickly! But not to worry! They are RARE, and if the weather is not safe at the beginning of your rental, you won’t be going out, simple as that. Glenn will NEVER send a boat out on a day that could get un-safe. But, if things change while you are out, Glenn will call you with instructions. Depending on the severity, he will tell you exactly what to do….you are never out there alone! We are extremely proud of our ZERO-CLAIM history! We have never had an injury or a boat damaged during a storm. The key is having Glenn watching, he has 20 years of lake experience, and it shows with early actions on his part. Check out this video to see a storm where Glenn pulled all the boats only 30 minutes before. (NOTE: Every client that was out on this day did NOT want to come in because it was too beautiful! ) THAT’S where the experience comes in…you WANT Glenn on your team!!

What if we have a question or a concern or a problem?

Just call! Glenn has his phone duck-taped to his ear during boat rental season! Call for any reason. We don’t want you to ever feel like you are alone. We are always here to answer your questions!!

OOOPS! An entire bag of chips exploded in the boat, then I dropped my muffin! I’m so embarrassed to return the boat like this!

Here is the deal. Your boat will be delivered to you in pristine condition. If you return the boat with a few crumbs here and there, no big whoop! However, if the boat is returned excessively dirty, you will be charged a cleaning fee. We cannot keep our boats looking great if clients don’t help us. It’s just like renting a car, you need to look after our babies! We have never been in the situation to have to charge someone, so we hope to keep that track-record by continuing to rent our boats to the ONLY THE MOST AMZING CLIENTS!!!

What is a WHALLY, and how can I avoid being one??

A Whally is a term that us long-timers call the “no-clue” boaters that frequent our lakes all summer. They THINK they know what they are doing, but, achem, THEY DON’T!!! A true telltale of a WHALLY is the guy pulling his kids on a tube through the slalom course first thing in the morning! OR, what about the family wearing SHOES or sandals in the boat, and let’s not forget about the guy that leaves the docking area at full speed with his stereo cranked!! Watch this video to get the low-down on the do’s and don’ts when renting a ski boat in Vernon. Don’t be a Whally!!!

Is there a toilet available for the pontoon boat??

Sure! We all need to pee! And sometimes more right? We have a porta-potty available for a fee of $75 per day. It goes inside the pop-up change room for privacy. Grandma will REALLY appreciate the thought.

Why rent a boat in the first place?

That’s really easy! Because it’s the only way to TRULY experience all that the Okanagan has to offer. The water is warm and clean, and there is endless exploring to do! Oh yeah, and don’t forget the tag phrase: If it fly’s, floats, or is fun…it’s cheaper to RENT!!! Glenn takes care of all the fuelling, cleaning, insurance, launching, trailing…it’s a HASSLE-FREE GUARANTEE!

What happens if we lose a ski or damage the boat?

Bummer! Well, the most important thing is that everybody on the boat is safe and happy. You will be paying a damage deposit to cover costs such as this. SO, if you lose a ski or board, we will need to replace it right away. Unfortunately, if you damage the boat somehow, you will probably lose your deposit. Boat repairs are very expensive, especially when they need to be done as a priority because that boat is booked by another party the next day. If the boat and equipment are returned in the same condition that they left in, your deposit will be returned within 24 hours by the credit card company.

How do I make a reservation now that I have decided what I want? AND what is the cancellation policy?

Call Glenn! 250-308-2088 Once you have confirmed dates and times, we will get a 50% deposit from you to hold the reservation. The other 50% is due and will be charged on your card 24 hours before you pick up your boat. Cancellations made 3 days or more before the date are cancelled without charge. In order to receive a full refund of your deposit, you MUST cancel your reservation a minimum of 3 days in advance.  Cancellations made within the 3 day period before your rental date, will result in a loss of your full deposit amount.  We appreciate our client’s help with keeping things running smoothly.

What's the age limit to rent a boat from Vernon Watersports?

The minimum age is 25 yrs old.

Do I need a boat license to rent in bc? carries liability insurance against personal injury.  Any damage caused to our equipment will sole be the responsibility of  the renter as per our waiver forms.


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